Concept Ideas: I understand now

After reading my I.O.R I finally get what I'm suppose to be doing. Since I was new to the whole landscape field I was just trying to draw them rather than adding style('s) into it. 

I've Looked into Military art and Naive Art. Which are huge contrasts, Naive being the "Childlike simplicity" where as Military art being the more realistic, the main thing I liked about Military art was the old effect the paper has. I want to Mix the two, have unusually high walls, with the colouring of military art.


  1. Very interesting - but what is your justification? How have you come to the idea that merging these 2 styles will especially help you design the spaces for First Men In The Moon? What is your visual concept - and from where/what has it derived. I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing this new direction evolve - but, not wanting to sound like a parrot, can I direct you towards a couple of blogs that achieve the right balance between template and content? See links below:

  2. The reason why I was looking at military art was because the original book was created in 1901, and Military art was a constant thing in the 1850's so I've more linked the time lines rather than the actual content.

    Same goes for Naive Art,(by Henri Rousseau)I chose it because his particular work is close to the time when The First Men In The Moon book was written.

    The main reason why I want to mix the two is because both of them have thier good points I want to adapt the two.

    I have tried to look at what happened in 1901 so I could I find the art sytle of the time, but i haven't had much luck..


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