Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Yay Mo Maya Mo Problems

Ok I assume this has something to do with imported objects as it seems to corrupt the data so when you re open it you get stuck with a wire framed mess.

I'm not sure how to fix it, I am annoyed but at least I can copy the animation when I need to get back into it.

@ Alan - Red Dots from area light

Alan I'm using an area light and as soon as I lower the intensity these red sniper dots appear on his head, how can I fix it?

Mother's Day Play-Blasts (minus Environments)

As I'm working on the animation that's all the playblast really feature,
the renders will have the environments included.

(I'll be posting up finished character renders very soon as well)

Progress!! Cow Lick Movement & Bonus Render

The cow lick moves!!
I'm really happy that this works, now onto the blend shapes!!

Bonus Render

@Alan Custom Age error

I went back and tried it again without renaming but it still says there's an (syntax) error
can you tell me what I've written incorrectly?

Character Update

I have not been posting much of Rene lately because I've had to back track a little.
His rig completely messed up after I added the textures so I am having to re do it..
Its taken alot out of my original plan but I will see what I am able to make of it.

Dynamics 2: Goals, Instances, & Sprites

Instancing Part 1: Direction Control (Robots)
Instancing Part 2: Scale Control (Bubbles)
Instancing Part 3: Rotation Control (Meteors)
Instancing Part 4: Object Index Control 1 (Shapes)

Instancing Part 5: Object Index Control 2 (Crowds)
Had a tiny trouble with the custom rotation

Aim and Direction (Arrows)

Aim and Direction (Rockets)

Horse Tail



Robot Walk Dynamic

Tree Paint FX

had a few problems with this one

Spider Dynamics


Muddy Ball Dynamic V1 and V2

Detailing Hair

Long Eyelash Test

Long thick Eyelashes 

Thin Long Eyelashes

Not really sure which ones better, thick I was told gives of a doll look whereas thin does not.
But for this particular character I'm not really sure...
What do you think?
Eyelashes from the side for Ruben

The eyelashes are angled straight out, when in the front view I think the shadow cast by the eyelashes make it look like they are wrapping themselves around the eye.
Should I make the eyelashes not have a shadow?

Short Eyelash Colour Test

Pure Black

Best way to do this this test is to click on the image

Dark Brown

Light Brown

Quite like the light brown.

I'm not sure how I'd make the eyelashes stay attached to the head.
(This is an @Alan although any other suggestions are welcome)
Is it best for me to wrap deform them to the head like the eyebrows or actually combine the eyelashes to the head.

Detalied texture shots Pt4

First attempt at eyelashes, couldn't get the transparency to work at the time.

Second attempt managed to get something going with the transparency~

Version I'm sticking with~
(happy with the result, now just to see if it works as a whole)

Detailed Texture shots pt3