Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Maya Tuts: Car Modelling

Character Design: Lesson 2

Today we learned about the various body shapes of characters, and depending on what shape was used to create the character would also change their personality.

The shapes in question are Triangles, squares and circles:

 Our task was to take an already known character and change their initial shapes.
My first try was of Master mind:

Once I understood how to use the shapes I was able to correctly altar Batman:

Scribd Error

I realise that most of my submissions from scribd of late appear to have bad spelling i.e. missing words. I have found that since they are trying a new approach to their site it seems to messing up my submissions (not that I’m excusing obvious spelling mistakes but any where there were missing letters were not my doing).

So as to combat this I’m just going to post directly to blogger for a little while.

@ Justin Secret Agents Vikings: Plot # 2

Contrary to most stories about the Vikings a chapter was left out. That chapter was of the ‘Secret Agent Vikings'.  Two guilds were prominent in this age, guild white and guild black. Guild white had the wise and noble wizard Merlin who was able to create magical trinkets to assist his agents in collecting rare goods to trade. Guild black however had hired goons to steal treasure from the citizens that lived around them.

Guild white are the sworn protectors the citizens of Våg-Gård (Voe-Garth).

(Do excuse the unnecessary bold writing)

Character Design: Side Note

 The difference between the Celts and the Vikings:

The Celts:-
it depends on the historical period, but just to name a few, they spoke a celtic language ( Gaulish, Galatians, Welsh, Irish , breton) and were culturally successors of the La Tene and Hallstatt iron Age culture. before christianity , there worshiped various gods like Taranis, Cernunnos and Epona. Their religions were supervised by Druids. 

The Vikings
They are a North Germanic people who spoke Norse. They invaded and raided various areas of Europe and settled in Normandy, North Britain, iceland amongst other places from the 8th to the 9th centuries. Culturally they were Germanic and are the ancestors of the scandinavian nations. They worshiped Gods like Thor, Odin and Tyr.

*The Celts in Gaul, the Gallic tribes, lived in towns as well as villages. The Vikingshad only villages. The Gauls worked for a living at farming, etc. The Vikings traded or raided as they could. For all their accomplishments, they were pirates, marauders, thieves, and murderers.*

Secret Agent Viking: Sketches

Initial character idea sketches  
(Left) using the triangle shape for character design (right) Andriana's examples on how to use shapes in character design.

(Left) Life drawing Muscles (Right) Character design ideas

Secret Agent Vikings: Plot Lines

Secret Agent Vikings 

Plot 1:

Viking antique shop owner by day, secret agent Viking by night this is the story of Nikulas Gray.

Plot 2:

A secret agent of Viking heritage resides in the modern world, working undercover in a Viking antique shop. He receives missions from his patrons who only know that he has the ability to help others; be it retrieving items, protecting loved ones or snooping. This is the story of a Secret agent for hire.

Plot 3:

Nikulas Gray is an unlikely looking Viking secret agent who works undercover in an antique shop. When he receives a new mission his Valknut medallion flashes calling him to Valhalla headquarters, located within his antique shop (only open able by a finger print proof lock).

The Valhalla headquarters unlike most resembles that of the 11th century, aka the Viking Age.  His Boss Arngrim tends to switch up his entrances and either appears on a makeshift screen (silhouetted out) or as a hologram.  Once he gets his mission be it acquiring an artefact/ important data, protecting a witness/ being an overall bodyguard, or going undercover and infiltrating an enemy’s base Nikulas Puts on his ancient Celtic headband which instantly changes his body to that of a Viking and his clothes to that of a secret agent.

Behind the scenes is a woman known as Rafarta White. For centuries her family/ancestors have always tried to acquire the Celtic headband for its power, it, however belonged to the Gray family who as tradition went, always passed the band down to the next generation carrying on their legacy.
So regardless of the mission there is normally a ploy to somehow get his ancient headband away from him. Until Rafarta finds out his secret identity in which she tries to become his love interest to try and get close enough to the source of his power.

I also looked up Norse mythological creatures:

Jörmungandr is one of Loki's creations. A serpent so big (that it lives under the sea) it wraps around the world and can bite its own tail. They believed the day when he released his tail was when the world would end.

I also found out that Lynx's could/can be found in Scandinavia. 

Character Design: Sidekick Ideas

Andriana was helping me look for possible sidekick animals (as I wanted a kind of animal familiar for the hero who would definitely not overshadow him).

We looked at a type of lizard called the "Devil Lizard" which is very spiky, perfect for for a Viking I thought as its spikes could be shaped more like the Viking Helms.

When we tried to look for Scandinavian or Norwegian lizards we couldn't find any however google did suggest we look at Norwegian Forest Cats which also look interesting, not suitable for Viking but the both of them together may make something memorable...

Character Design Idea

I've been doing a couple of sketches of my secret agent Viking and after showing my sketches to the others and one said that when she imagined a Viking to have a square jaw, and quite un kept.

She referred me to Captain America, When he went from super skinny to over muscly.

So I am now going to draw extremes from skinny to large 'as a main point in my story is, in order for him to become a secret agent he needs to put his Viking like helm on which changes his appearance (and his clothes like in "Mummies Alive"

I also have a new version of the anime "Fist of the North star" called "Fist of the blue star" which has "Kenshiro" who always very big.

Viking Influence Maps

Summer Project Submission

We were given a summer project competition to create a pre production book, and I am happy to say I have done just that (and a little extra).

(What font was suppose to be on the scribd document however it could not recreate it and also ruined the look. So I created two versions the one with its typology altered and the other with the correct topology (except its made out of photos) )

Rain Dance (Pre) Production Art of

Character Design Ideas

Looking at the idea of a dumb Viking for a secret agent, I came across Ivan The unbearable which also had mash ups with modern day things which was interesting to see.

Character Design class task

We were given two random words and were told to create characters from them the first I got was 'The Geriatric Ninja' :

The second was a 'Zombie Detective':

@ Alan

I had play blasted the clip of my first lip syncing scene however when I listened to it it was just static, how can I playblast it with the correct sound?

(If it helps my playblast settings were qt-animation)

Secret Agent Research

Secret Agent Research

Archer TV Show

Austin Powers

Johnny English


Narrative Project: Starters

We met with an artist who has formally worked with Disney and he gave us great insight on how to develop characters on the first day!
As we have him for the rest of this project I will make learn as much as I can to improve my work and general mindset when making characters in the future.

We were given characters chosen randomly by cards and I got "Secret Agent & Vikings".

I already have a few Ideas tossing around (including one I've gotten attached too).

I have been given great places to start looking in terms of Viking characters and loosely 'Secret agent Vikings' by family and friends.

I will be researching:

-How to Train your Dragon
-Thor’s comic book back story

At the moment I quite like the idea of a hero that  has to put something on to become this “sexy” Viking secret agent (which does mean his appearance would change every time he put this certain something on).

My mother gave me great examples of when characters have a completely different look when they “change personas”.

-The Mask

I will have research and a treatment following shortly after this post.

We were also given a task to draw a character with whatever was thrown our way for example mine was Geriatric Ninja, and my second was a Zombie Detective. I will be putting up pictures of this event as soon as possible.

Ed Wood Review

ED Wood Review


In my new house I am with two classmates and one girl from fashion whose designs I liked the look of, she allowed me to use her designs to create a 3D version of the ones I wanted to tackle.

Her design:

Middle Design

The making of:

Since this is the first clothing item I have done I'll be looking up how to use the cloth dynamic to make it behave like a proper outfit.

Chioma UV

Its taken a while to get the correct use of each of the planar maps but I've finished Chioma's official uv so I can finally get to texturing~

How I started the UV~

How bits looked when I was doing it the hard way ~

How it looked after I found an easy way of UV-ing

 End result

Chioma Modelling: Clothes Clothes Clothes~

Now that I've finished everything on the production side on my working map (minus a few ongoing concepts) today I've gone back to Chioma and modelling his clothes.

I decided to create his lower loin cloth from a plane, and his upper bandages from a cube.

When making the upper bandages:

Added the neck rings:

I will now put his garments into Zbrush to add some of the detail maya can not, then will be the exciting hair / texturing stage.