Essay idea

I've been thinking about doing the essay on enslaved, especially since I finished it oh so many weeks ago.
The layout, the ruined civilization which managed to lead into a beautiful enchanted almost wild life. after the fact (of what ever destroyed civilasation).

I'd definetly like to look into the behind story of enslaved,
I'm intrigued to found out what happened to the world.

Compared to my chosen book "The first men in space" I like the utter difference in environments.
My dead planet, to a thriving with life planet (which ironically doesn't have many people on it.)


  1. What are the odds that we pick the same idea! Are we allowed to do so? I can choose something else if Phil isn't cool with it? What do you reckon?

  2. I'm sure we should be able to do the same thing, especially since we won't be able to see each others work, there shouldn't be to much of a comparison on what exactly we talk about~

  3. Check out my comment on Dayle's post - it's advice you need to keep in mind too BEFORE you start this assignment:


Important Criticism