Narrative Project: Starters

We met with an artist who has formally worked with Disney and he gave us great insight on how to develop characters on the first day!
As we have him for the rest of this project I will make learn as much as I can to improve my work and general mindset when making characters in the future.

We were given characters chosen randomly by cards and I got "Secret Agent & Vikings".

I already have a few Ideas tossing around (including one I've gotten attached too).

I have been given great places to start looking in terms of Viking characters and loosely 'Secret agent Vikings' by family and friends.

I will be researching:

-How to Train your Dragon
-Thor’s comic book back story

At the moment I quite like the idea of a hero that  has to put something on to become this “sexy” Viking secret agent (which does mean his appearance would change every time he put this certain something on).

My mother gave me great examples of when characters have a completely different look when they “change personas”.

-The Mask

I will have research and a treatment following shortly after this post.

We were also given a task to draw a character with whatever was thrown our way for example mine was Geriatric Ninja, and my second was a Zombie Detective. I will be putting up pictures of this event as soon as possible.


  1. great title you have got, I would definitely play with size and shape, secret agents are often lean stealthy, everything that a viking is not. I think you got a recipe for great fun character design there. however dont get attached just in the beginning explore and explore. good luck!! you will enjoy this project.

  2. Thanks Ruben :D
    I'll try to explore all the possible options before really getting attached to anything.

    I mean after reading your post I now think of a very comedic thing like Johnny Bravo, having a incredibly bad at his stealth job Viking <3


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