Avatar Directed by James Cameron (2009).

"A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home."
                          - Imdb, 2009

Avatar, a film set far into the future, shows us technologies one hopes to come, almost like an overhyped tokyo. Holograms used to show advertisments, hand held gadgets like more advanced versions of I gadgets i.e. I phone, Itouch, but without the casing, simply a transparent mini screen.

A important constant colour is the colour blue. The sky on Pandora is blue and misty as are the inhabitants, not only the Na'vi but the flying, horse like, and monkey like creatures.
The only creatures that were not a shade of blue were the dangerous carnivorus creatures. Especially the big red flying creature that "none had tamed".
                                                                                                                           *Even the test tubes that held the marine's
                                                                                                                             and his acomplice's Na'vi in had blue liquid in them*

 The science room they were based in when on Pandora was a Electronic era like dream. Thier machines were all holographic screens and if they so wished to take thier work with them they could simply swipe thier hand across it and transfer it to a portable mini screen. Thier 'map' looked touchable dispite the fact it wasn't really there, it was a 3D version of a traditional map.

 The colours used in each place were simple/ subliminal , deliberate and effective. For example when the protagonist went to the mech holding area eveything, from ground/walls up were different shades of grey, the only thing that had colour was the railing which was yellow, a clear contrast.

Pandora, because it was generally a forest, no buildings, it was all shades of green and beautiful earthly colours mixed in which plants and the like which were traditionally seen at the bottom of the water.

There were speculations on avatar other than being like pochahotas, but being like the race row over 'white people' taking over 'black countries'.

The simularities are in the clothes the "Blue Monkeys" wear, tending to be tribal looking clothes, which in our eyes are revealing. The accesories worn by the 2 main Na'vi leaders of the native tribe we meet, wear bits of bone. Including the ones we meet later on, have "war make up" painted on thier face and bones through thier nose known normally by those who live in a rain forest..

Other tribal attributes picked up where ther stance on the world or the "noise of ancestors". Once a Na'vi has passed trails they are allowed to pick a woman "we have many fine women". This also includes when the Na'vi were chanting to the tree and in doing so the forest followed in lighting thier energy.
*This shows that the woman has no say in the matter, but unlike most stereotypical rules they are allowed to fight, and gather, this appears to be the only right they do not have*.

The 'Mother tree' they had (including many others) were simular to the shape of the trees seen in disneys The Lion King (also based in a country simular to this).

The movie showed us the perception of the natives and that of the invaders "Thats one big tree" where as the Na'vi saw it as thier "Mother tree". When the tree is being destroyed few leaves fall from the tree, almost like the tree is weeping.
The invaders don't even see the inhabitants as equals "Thats how you scatter the roaches".

The sky of Pandora showed us huge planets, just from looking up from the ground without any need of a telescope. The night sky on pandora looked much like the Aurora Borialice.

 Ironic line was he
"Went to the worst hostile enviroment known to man just to see how it went". (which quite summed it up)

Another line I found intresting was "Warrior who dreamnt of giving piece, sooner or later you have to wake up" but he never did, in fact he went further into his 'dream' and left all ties of the human world  behind altogether.. almost like being in a coma...

- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499549/

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