Animation Influence's for Archer

Because Archers a motorbike and he's suppost to speed past I was wondering how I could draw this, after bouncing ideas of my father he told me to look at the Flash, and Futurama episode 300 big boys in which Fry drinks 100 coffees and becomes incredibly fast.

                               The Flash - Speed Force

                                   Fry - 100 coffees

After watching these videos it furthers my original idea for drawing someone going past quickly, there are very few transition frames of the actual person, but speed lines are where the person would be.


  1. Could also check out the old Looney Toons (Merrie Melodies) Cartoons-

    I think Speedy Gonzales uses a bunch of puffs of smoke and smudging coloured lines (1:26)

    Same with Road Runner, except the puff of smoke takes the form of the character silhouette before disappearing (2:44)

  2. Thanks Ryan (I'm surprised I didn't think of them earlier) Ill check em' out~


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