Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Male Character Sketches

initial designs for body shape ideas
I like the idea of him having a short torso and really long legs. In relation to the little girl who will be short and just about up to his knees.

Art Direction Change

After having spoken to Alan my story has changed to be a short 'sweet' mini story with a moral.
*Although after telling a few people the story the moral appears to be subjective as well* 

The story I found was on a website called Indian-child.com which has inspiring short story collections.
After looking at two of the stories on there I read one called Mothers-Day which has now become my muse for the transcription project.

It will involve two characters, a Man and a little girl. It will be set in 1900's france, I want the timeline to be broad to allow more room for an interesting design.

I was told about a film adaption of a book called Gigi, by colette set in france 1940's, so the base of my art direction will stem from that era and colour style from the book.
Alongside this I intend to make the environment look as if it were in a parisian town (i.e. cobbled flooring)

I will make a treatment for the story shortly before I create my animatic to see if my adapted layout works correctly.

Before that Influence maps for environment, art style and outfits will be created alongside full sketches of the characters.

Mary and Max Review

Mary and Max Review

Starting thumbnail Sketches *To Be updated*

These thumbnails were for "The Golden Balls" story which I've decided to not do.

These thumbnails are for the "Papa Greatnose" story which I've decided to pursue.
I want to focus on the soldier who eavesdrops when Papa Greatnose gives advice and use that advice to help his army.

I quite like the idea of having  a pathetic soldier, so I'd like to develop the third picture further.

Of course its subject to change as the days go on.

Expanding on the idea of the pathetic soldier.
(I really like the idea of having a weak hero, because the animations to show his 'uselessness' will be funny / colourful.

Transcription Direction

For my Transcription project I have decided to take the animation route and my transcribed object will be from text.

The book I will be using is my mother's childhood book "A Book Of Ghost and Goblins".

(Scan of actual copy)

There are two stories in there that interest me but I cannot work out their storyboard completely as I would have to cut and change a few elements to make it fit 1 minute.

I will need confirmation if I'm allowed to slightly altar the text I'll be adapting to give me the full go ahead.

In terms of early ideas for art direction, I plan basing the design from 1910 because the drawings within the book use a certain cross hatched style (simular to the one below) which seem synonymis with olden style era's. 

I also want to include the book's overal worn look as part of the characters design, be it colour (the pages are flacky and brown) or overal look (the cover is cracked).

I am very excited to start this project, let the creativity commence! 

Retrofest unit Evaluation

I feel that after my last project I understand what works in terms of time management and what does not.
My group (Jonathan Pearman & Jonny Sharples) were able to produce an interesting final piece as well.
That experience, I feel, has helped me to better my work flow and also encourages me to go further with the skills I am already good at and welcome with open arms every new challenge.


Car Tut: Model Completed

I did run out of time to complete the car officially so for the time being this will have to do.
I plan on finishing it (properly) in the near future.

Turnaround clip

The shot cam was accidentally moved when rendering the outliner so its not perfectly in sync.
The ones after this will reflect how its suppose to be.

Completed Character Tutorial

After talking to Alan (/Phil) I noticed some important things about myself that I didn't pay much attention too, which is present in some of my tut work... So this work will be the last of running before one can walk~




Character Walk Cycles

Ok they can all walk now, time to get out some playblasts.

All Done (Now to do some actual work)

I've had doing these pictures, there is no better reward than being able to pose your characters, but now its time to do some real work >:D

Sammy Completed



Onto animating...

Mave Completed

One More!!!! >:D

Fixing Blendshape Eyebrows

Duplicate eyebrows, parent to head jnt, wrap deform eyebrows, parent to head, done!

@Alan - Strange Blendshapes

Alan after I create the blend shapes and plug them in to the face (and change the inputs) when ever a blendshapes is turned on it slightly moves the mouth and I'm not sure why

(i.e. Eye blink blend shape doesn't move anything when inputs are not changed but afterwards it moves the mouth a little)

How can I fix this?

Dorian Completed

Hurrah he's done....
All the blood sweat and tears went to good use!

Two more to go >:O !!!

Dorian's Cigar

(Hopefully its not to realistic for the piece, might of been a bit snow blind when I started it) If it is I'll change the colour.

Character Progress

She's practically done but before I continue I'll make sure all the other characters are at this level.

Maya Fix Num.2

I had a problem with the IK from the hip to the ankle, its orientation is wrong causing my lady to have weird bird legs.

(The other leg works just fine and the white arrow on the ik handle is facing the front but the other leg's arrow is facing backwards)

In the end I had to click on the knee joint and in the attribute editor fix the joint's rotation (set it back to 0.000)

Note to self *Mave Fixes*

I worked out what was wrong with the skinning ( not enough edges around the sections that needed to bend, so fo future always add more edges than is needed, deleting edges is easier than adding.)
I also had a weird problem when rigging Maves foot, it would skin into the ground on the Reverse toe lift,  (Fix = need more bones in the foot to bend properly)