Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Chioma Hand Sketches

After talking to my sister about my character Chioma and his hands I realised I had not explained what inspired me to make his hands the way they are.

When I was younger my family use to play a PS1 Game called Odd world: Abe's Oddysee where you controlled Abe who is one of the many inhabitants of this world. They all look the same except for few colour changes, they all have these, what looks like, string attached around their mouths, and the blind Mudokons (That is their species) has stitches around their eyes. But their hands have only two fingers.

*OddWorld Information*

When I made Chioma I knew he was going to be realistic in a sense he would look like a human, however  to separate him from us he has only three fingers (and three toes).

I did a few sketches of his hands~

Chioma Modelling: Body Completed

I finished Chioma a couple of days ago so I'm quite excited to get the clothes on now :)

Chioma's Hand:

*I will be uploading sketches of Chioma's hands and feet *

Can't wait till I put his hair on :D


A list of sketches I forgot to post earlier..

Chioma Modelling: Eyes Added

Chioma Modelling

I have a lot of life drawing and other work to put up which may take a while but will nicely flood my page as soon as~

But in the meantime I've been modelling Chioma (a little slowly mind you but it has been happening) I'm really ecstatic about making his ear since its one of those that have been stretched and I thought I'd try to model it without looking anything up and t worked :D

After the eyes I can get onto the long awaited body! :o

Chioma Modelling

I realise I have not put up "The Script" yet so I'll do that tomorrow, but in the meantime over the last 2 days  for fun and a change of pace I followed a very good tutorial in helping with modelling faces so I decided to try it on Chioma and I must say this is excellent, and not as stressful as the last one I did.

After learning what I have in terms of 'face modelling' Modelling is as peaceful as knitting~

*I've also been doing a few life drawing sketches so they'll be up asap*

Working Map update v2

After doing the Development I realised I forgot to add 'The Script' another update.
(Before I waste more ink printing out unfinished copies >.<)

Research, and The Development (of Rain Dance)

Reserach on Zulu People

The Development- Rain Dance

Working Map Update

Today I've been working on the development of my Summer project and realised 'The development' was not actually on the working map so a small update~

Sketchs Turnarounds and Names

My character finally has a name, Chioma *beautiful God*

The Map I created earlier has really helped me stay on track so all I have left is the storyboard before I can get onto the delicious production stage~

My Working Map

I have been slipping in terms of my summer project so to help myself I have created a 'Working Map' which tells me what steps I should be doing next.

Modelling Dane: Making feet

Making a foot did not take as long as thought it would, but knowing how to do it means I can make a variety of feet for the various characters I will be creating. I also plan on improving the way the feet look at a later date~