Essay idea pt 2 (for Phil's notice)

At the moment (after reading your comment) I've looked around for production designs and the like for both fable (in case things don't work out) and Enslaved.
I was wondering would it be okay to talk about the game interns of the developer videos I found (and analyse) , as well as how they took aspects from the original Chinese book.

From that could I go into chinese book itself and analyse it?


  1. Okay - can you write me a structure that satisfies the essay content guidance criteria?

    1) A clear introduction to your investigation, which should also mention the different published sources you have used and your reasons for choosing them. You should use no less than 5 published sources to inform your research.

    2) A clear definition of key ideas relating to your given topic, with supporting evidence in the form of, no less than, 3 quotations from 3 different published sources. Quotations must be interpreted and their importance discussed, they should also be referenced correctly using the Harvard method.

    3) The cultural context the topic came out of/was in reaction to.

    4) An illustrated ‘who’s who’ of key individuals associated with given topic, with a clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why.

    5) Historical examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and an assessment of their importance.

    6) Contemporary examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic and a comparison to the historical examples.

    7) A conclusion.

    When attempting to define your structure and identify your sources of research, you don't need to use this criteria chronological - i.e. apart from the intro and conclusion, you can deal with the various areas of enquiry in a non-sequential order.

  2. Hey Lyn-Dae - I posted a reply here - but it vanished - maybe because it was too long? Check your spam filter for my comment - if you can't find it, let me know and i'll re-comment.


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