Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Texturing Rhea Monroe Pt 4

Rhea can finally see :D

Now I can happily move onto rigging and get Rhea in motion~

(After I add the teeth and tongue of course)

Texturing Rhea Monroe Pt 3

She now has Nail Deco~

The last thing to texture are the eyes.

I have also added detail to the top and the boots, however I've noticed that the detail isn't really visible on the renders so I'll be finding out why and correcting it in due time~

Texturing Rhea Monroe Pt2

This is the final version

       These are the various Skin Test required to find her perfect colour 

Texturing Rhea Monroe Pt1

The next things to be textured is: Rhea's skin, nails, eyes and possibly eyebrows.
After which details on the close will be added~

Creating Rhea Monroe Pt 6

I'll be doing the rest of the texturing for her clothes and body this week. The only thing I'm not sure about is how I'll be rigging her hair. Its between either doing it in clumps and rigging a section or individuals (depending on where they are I suppose). I'm also wondering if some of the back hairs can be made to move a little using cloth rather joints.

Creating Rhea Monroe Pt 5 *Long Post*

I have finally finished her hair, and can now continue charging on with texturing next week!