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I realised today that maybe only having devloper diaries, and interviews weren't really enough for my essay so after chatting to a classmate I realised that Enslaved is all about the idea of  a Post Apocaypitic world. So i'm still going to focus my essay on Rnslaved, but also on other people's versions and ideas of what a postapocalptic world would look like.

I picked up a photographic book called, "Detroit Dissassembled" By Andrew Moore.
Also an E-book called "Novels of the contemporary extreme".

Also funny that most of the movies I watched when I was younger were almost all post apoclyptic and only now do I realise this, and how useful this is for my essay.
Movies (and shows) like:

. Equilibrium
.Fist Of The North Star
.Judge Dreed
.Mad Max
.Planet of the apes
.The Outer Limits

I want to, now, look more at people's interpretations of a post apocalyptic world/society. While still keeping on task with my chosen game, and how they differed from the typical idea of it~

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