Repulsion directed by Roman Polanski 1965.

"Left alone when her sister goes on vacation, a sexually repressed young beauty goes insane with surreal fantasies of seduction and rape."

The movie, despite following female characters, brings for a stereotype of men and carry's it out throught the entire movie.

"You'll have to take a cab, i'll ring you".
They constantly show up the male behaviour as something repulsive, after the fornication the younger sister had to endure hearing the other night the man now leaves in a hurry, almost treats the girl he slept with as a 'booty call' just hands her money for a cab. "he's married too"

All the men in the movie act "repulsively" men cat calling/ talking obscienaties, a man followed her from a bar and sat staring at her, a complete stranger, he even touched her hair and hand, no respect for boundries.

The younger sister in sevral parts of the film behaves in a ocd like manner, making it obviosuly clear she's whipping away idirt or would rather not touch something, like when she came home to see some man's' hygine utensils in her personal bathroom cup, you could see her dreading touching the object if only to move it.
"bloody men" i thought this one was different they are such pigs" "why are they so filthy". (only to have her run back to him)

there must be some significance to the recurring scene when she walks to and from work, 1st time she goes by men populate that sector ,2nd time they are no where to be scene possible hidden meaning, maybe the men actually aren't there and its her mind playing tricks activated by her sisters temporary boyfriend.

This movie's trait seems o be the back of people, we following along our protagonist from behind,  we long to see her face.

At a point she stares of into the kitchen mentioning a "crack needs to be fixed" yet we do not see the crack, untill she's walking to work and stops by one making us associate this crack with the one we couldn't see.

"how did you get on with little miss muffet" "maybe you should try the sister" like its a game for fun, or they are 'window shopping'. The men are protrayed as animals in clothes.

The only men who seemingly aren't chasing tail are the ones preoccupied with somethng else i.e music, we see a band crossing the street.

I do believe the names of the characters is kept secret.

After the guy kissed her we see wipe her mouth visciously against her wrist, its now that we realise the movie is to do with her repulsition against men.

As a final straw she see's the otherman's utensils in her cup, she just throuws it away.

The intresting thing in this movie that this is happening to french lass's and sterotypicaly its the french we associate with lust/romance, yet she, the unammed blonde goes against all that.                                                                                 

The poor younger sister is sumbmitted to a repatance of disgust by her sister, every other night the sounds of sex through the wall, which is later greeted by her sisters upset over the same guy.(she is trypically co dependent.)
This creates a bad association with the male gender.

There are many shots in the movie where tensions is left if it where a picture, many scenes where we see the character looking off into the distance without knowing what they are looking.

Theres a point where she goes on to talk about a "crack need to be mended". as she looks into the direction, however the viewer is stuck looking at her, not what she see's creating a feeling like we've missed out .

Not soon after when she's walking down the street do we see a crack, which automatically gets linked with the crack we originally couldn't see.

This movie and the company of wolves have many simularities, with the older wiser lady giving advice about men, which is normally to stay away from them.

"Theres only one way to deal with men, treat them as though you dont give a damn about them.
Theres only one thing they want, and I'll never know why they make such a fuss about it but they do.  The more you make them beg for it the happier they are".

"There all the same just like children, they want to be spanked then given a treat".



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