Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Anatomy pictures

La Belle et la Bête (1946)

The film we watched was called la Belle la Bête a french live action of the beaty and the beast.

Plot: This movie is a take on The beauty and the beast. The creator of this french version was called Jean cocteau. His movie followed the idea of la Belle la Bête, but unlike the disney version. Showed a different side of things.

I.e. Throughout La Belle's entire time there she called la Bête ugly several times, including her father.
and when he asked she told him he was to ugly to even consider it.
Showing that no matter how "nice la Belle is" compared to her sisters affection is skin deep.
It was only after he transformed into a "Gorgeous prince" did she stop behaving as a Independant woman, and became a floppy girl swooning over a prince.
When La Belle got to the castle, every single object which happened to be cloth would be blowing as if there was a strong continuous enchating gust of wind. Before she entered her cape was blowing creating a lovely fluid motion. Once she got inside all the curtains were blowing towards her ever so softly, and like  is depicted in many cartoon movies, she wasn't physically moving, it was to appear as if she was being brought through the corridor by the house itself, going along with the house is alive thing.

Something I noticed about halfway throught this piece is that la Bête is quite a dispicable character. he threated La Belle's father and told him to bring a daughter in his place, firstly whydidn't he just never go back into the woods it did appear la Bête  would never leave his home parimiter.

2ndly Once la Bête finally got La Belle, he was trying to make this stranger love him. Why did he not kill her like he said he would!?
Its like he tricked her father into giving away a daughter because he wanted a companion.

It did appear to me like he was incredibly subserveant to Belle, she became what it seemed he wanted which was a dominatrix. He would say "I will do what you ask me" and would ask her in a quite, delicate voice "Please do not gaze upon me".
It was strange...

The ending of the film seemed sad and rushed. Sad because the mislead 'avenant' attempted to steal from  la Bête with the key her misrable sister stole from her. on that note one thing I noticed was in all of these fairy tales if the main character happens to be female she and just happens to have sibling sisters, they are always older and horrible. I believe the creator of these fairy tales probably had very bad siblings/ knew of someone else who did.

But I digress, He got shot by a guardian protecting the tresure, and once he was shot he instantly turned into a beast; which makes me think maybe la Bête was just a theif who tried to get the riches in that place and didn't know that gaurdian was there at the time. "Neither you nor I can enter".

Once the Avenant was shot it was almost like they swapped physical appearance, so whoever that statue shot, la Bête  would of taken on thier face.

It felt rushed because after the shooting he wanted to take her to his kingdom at the end of it all ( I dont recall either one of them questioning why he was no longer la Bête) and they flew away into the sky. If he's kingdom was in the sky wasn't he up there already? was he punished by stealing treausre and sent to live down on earth untill he, somehow, gt changed back.

The Guyver

I was talking about How I used to watch the guyver when I was a child to a collegue and it dawned on me that the guyver, despite its gruesome ways actually had anthropopes, The way they transformed was rather disgusting, they would just burst/rip the flesh away from the human body, depending on what creature they could turn into theire eyes would become bulbusy before they ripped opened to reveal a disgusting blood seeking animal.

The guyver was based around a "bio suited armor" which was contained in box with things which looked like worms around an old film reel, the worm things moved too.
once it graphted on to its host, namely Sho they would have the bug inside of them and would be able to activate it at will.

When you see the intro (if you dont watch the anime) you'll see that he has two unsual prongs (maybe) that move like insect raidars that behave as ears I think (don't really remeber) They could move backwards and forwards on his head. concluding that His bio suit was also possibly some sort of animal ish suit..

If you've never seen it i suggest you should, (I have heard of a human acted one as well staring mgs's own snake voice actor) but never seen it.
But the cartoon is a must.

The guyver unlike many of the other films I've seen portraying man/animal hybrids, dosen'f use it in a sexual way. i.e. Minatours and other half man/animal mixtures are used to show sexuality/ ferilatiy..
however the guyver uses it to described them as losing a concience/soul when they change, they are left as feroscious beasts.

The Cat People

Today we watched Cat People, (1980) which was another film which paved the way for many other films to carry on from where they left of..

The cat people was a "film noir" which tend to specialise in using "light effects" to create a many feelings in the audience. Lighting to show importance to a certain obj/character, to bring suspense, or to emphasise a scary moment.

"The Cat People" is  film that uses 'the Horror of suggestion'.

The movie due to its low budget used orchestral music and lighting to make up for the finacial lack it had which made it a dramatical Hollywood 'B' Movie.

One of the men who worked on this move called Val Luten, actually had a phobia of cats and being touched and is a possible muse for the actual creator of the piece.

The movie used the greates tool for manipulating people's emotions, The power of suggestion no matter how subtle. Evidence where this has been used is when "Alice" was walking through a dark allyway and was being stalked by the main actress, she eventually got to bus stop and before we could see it the bus made a loud almost creature like roar before appering (which
 made me think "Alice" was about to be pounced on by a panther.

After the film we talked about hidden messages in the film and how it related to americans and immigrants and how they are treated, when they thought she was crazy her husband just moved on to a less "complicated" american girl and at the end when alice and the panther died they just walked away from her body without much care, they didn't even call the police.

It was only after our discussion did I realsie that all the 'Catpeople' were russians. I'm not sure why this is..
I did a little research on "America's attitude on Russians" which ranged between 1939 to 1945, and according to what Dyane Aycock wrote the americans felt distrust and unease from being allied with the russians during this time (WWII/cold war).
Possibly they where also implying that russians where evil 'werepeople' which changed into fearsome beasts if you angered them.
                                            - Dyane Aycock, Americans attitude Towards russia, 1971

Yes I noticed there was only 1 black character in the entire movie, and they gave minor roles at best, she was waitress, (not suprissing) and was never thanked for bringing them food, (again no suprise) shows the lack of politness due to the way people thought back then.

There was foreshadowing when 'Lorna' First let Oliver in, he looked at her statue of King john who defended her country from The"witches"of the night. He did so by impaling them with his sword, which ends up happening to her when she bamboozled by her therapist, who only wanted to kill her for being different.

The movie left me sad and rather empty.. At the end of the movie Lorna is tricked into revealing her 'true self' by her heinous therapist, who, once she changed, puled out a sword cane and began to attack her after giving her false hope of acceptance "I don't care what you are".

She killed him and got away. She arrived back at the zoo and freed the black panther,
when she did this I expected the panther to slowly collaborate with 'Lorna'; but when I saw the panther just push past her I felt so sorry for her, it was like the only other being that she felt she was accepted by rejected her. In my mind i think that was what killed her, having no one to be her ally.

(I may include more on this story when I am able to write this from my note book)

Self drawings part 3

(Drew them in the middle of the night...)

Seahorse Observational Drawings

 The only musculator picture I was able to find on a Seahorse, and it just happens to be its "Dorsal Fin".
Unfinished picture, but, Can see the unique outline of the seahorse, simular to some spiked seashells.

Self drawings part 2

 I had to draw My cat in this one otherwise the picture wouldn't make any sense..

Photoshop Tutorial

I did participate in the photoshop tutorial and I found it extremely hard. (Which I was rather suprised to find). My whole teaching in photoshop was to have your lineart done first then colour in after, where as here we were told to, "act as if we were sculptors" and took a large black smudge and, with the help of erasers, were to mold our anthro.

I would definetly Like to improve my skill at this kind of..art work.

In the beginning I was "precious" with my work, and later learned that there would be no mistake and continue with even if i didn't like it.

(Just noticed the extra s-horse in the background...)
I then tried using the overlay option and picked a colour closely related to my character..

Aha I give you dice!

Finally I've completed these unusually difficult pair of dice (Only difficult becuase maya wouldn't do what I told it to, crashing and what not.)
In the end my render still seems to of come out as 72 resolution even though in "Maya's" render setting it was set to 640 x 480, 300 res.

Never mind for now, Its done.

Anatomy Project sketch book

I made a Book especially for this project ( just because its for the project doesnt mean the cover has anything to do with it ~)

I do enjoy making books.