Rhea Monroe

Click the image to see an animated turnaround of Rhea Monroe.

Codename Cookie

Is an animated short about a little girls' determination for cookies. To see the animation click this image.

Mother's Day

Is an animated short about an overworked office worker who finds the importance of Mother's Day. To see the animation click this image.

The Woman On Los Feliz

Is an animated trailer by Centrifugal studios. To see our work click the image.

Secret Agent Vikings

Was created for a 90's TV show. To see the Art Of Scecret Agent Vikings click this image.

The White Cell and The Virus

Is a science commissioned animation about the journey of a virus in the human body. To see more click this image.

Unit 4 Influence: Gray Matter


Good site about "Gray Matter" (it is in polish but the web browser should be able to translate it)

New set of faces

I like the way this guy came out, I definitely want to work more on his appearance, but so far he looks tragic, perfect for this~

Looking at provided PDF's

I looked at the, felt very enthusiastic as I've always wanted to draw western style, but was stuck in the anime world,  from reading the Andrew Loomis book I finally understand the ball of the head shape we draw.

In anime drawings we feet the entire face into that ball, but in western its everything but the lower jaw, and from that I've been finally getting the hang of it ^_^

(Especially like the first head on the second Line, and the side head at the end on the second Line)
The second Line is the beginning of my character designs

Unit:4 Storytelling

I forgot to put up my 'Story', so here it is I got:

- Light House
-Grappling Hook

So far my idea is as follows:  There is a guy in a old fashioned like light house, he's in thee because he was 'outcast' (not sure why yet). We see flashbacks of him as a child sculpting things, then were brought back to so of the things he had recently made while in the 'light house'. In one scene we see one of his previously made objects with a crack in it (foreshadowing). He eventually gets desperate enough to attempt an escape in which he sculpts a 'grappling hook', he gradually plucks the courage to try and climb out of the 'Light house's' window, we see the grappling hook begin to crack, then snaps, He falls into the mist (because its a very tall light house), we are then left with a beautiful light house in a musky dawn atmosphere...

(I can't wait to get started ^0^ )

Hair Influence Map

For an outcast(cause your worth it)

Lucky coincidences

I had seen a game called "Gray Matter" about 3 months earlier and loved the art style from that game, and now it really comes in handy, I've been trying to incorporate it in to my 'Western' Drawing style

Maya Tut: Book

                                              I'm Done ^________________________^

Maya Tut: Diseased Blood Cells

Not sure what happened in the middle, but these are the blood cells of a diseased person.

Maya Tut: Water drops

 Accidental snow
(I ended up making it a V ramp rather than a U ramp...)

Maya Tut: Xray

Presentation stuff

Rosemary's Baby Review

Fig. 1

Rosemary's baby(1968) 
Starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Ruth Gordon Directed by Roman Polanski.

Rosemary's baby goes around the psychological bend in making the viewers as paranoid as the heroine, makes the audience struggle with characters by  making us try and guess who and who is not against her.

While there they were trying to conceive but before they had intercourse they had a dinner which consisted of black Lamb, considering black is always linked with something bad one begins to believe that maybe that was the beginning of the 'ritual'.

(Noted something interesting, before the wife and husband arrived at their new home, she was 'Ironically wearing white' sign of purity, she gave birth to a less pure kid, after having a supposed dream which turns out not to be a dream, only realised by her very later on.)

I agree with Casey Murray's point when he says "The fantastic thing about ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is the fact that the film comes across as if it truly could happen, and the characters in it are all so remarkably believable. Polanski takes a most odd situation and makes it completely believable, right up to the end." (Murray.2011)

At the end of the movie when all is said and done, ater she had been used by the one she cared most about and random strangers she is 'allowed' to see her baby,and what does she do when she see's what one can only assume an abomination she stands there and rocks the crib.

Its baffling after all thats happened to her and being raped just to get the 'Baby' she suddenly dosent care what  they did any more and 'wants' to take care of it? if Polanski was trying to play the maternal instinct angle    one would believe it doesn't work like that.
(So much so  I was expecting her to kill it, and was very surprised).

Reviewer 'Welsh_Girl' brought up an interesting observation
 "What struck me most about this film is something that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet which is the use of colour. For a large section of the film, the overwhelmingly predominant colour is yellow, traditionally the colour of Satan. Then, as the birth draws near and after the birth, blue is brought in, an allusion to the Virgin Mary. There are many scenes symbolically comparing her to Mary, notably one while she is giving birth with her head on a pillow with yellow stripes on it so it appears she has a halo. There are so many things like that to notice". (Welsh_Girl.2000)

As noted by reviewer Tim Derks, this movie not only in itself was almost a foreshadowing for Polanski in real life "The incredible irony of the film was that the plot would be similarly played out a year later - Polanski's pregnant actress/wife Sharon Tate would be terrorized and murdered by the strange cult of Charles Manson followers in her Benedict Canyon home."(Derks.2010)

Illustrations List:

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Eraser Head Review


Eraser head (1996)
Starring the likes of  Charlotte Stewart, Judith Roberts, and  Jack Fisk directed by David Lynch.

Eraser head, like 'The Elephant Man' is powerful and disturbing, this movie is possibly an insight to what problems and or relationships Lynch had at the time.
The movie appears to revolve around: awkward external families, premature babies, sex before marriage and these are all presented to us in such a way that you begin to feel empathy for Henry; or rather like your there your self being submitted to these uncomfortable scenarios.

Reviewer Graeme Clark believed "If Eraserhead is about anything, it's about the stress of failing in responsibilities that seem impossible to manage," (Clark. 2006)

Clark seems to be correct when he talks about the 'stress of responsibilities', we see this in the scene when the mother of Henry's (premature) baby lives with him for a short period, only to be angered by the average noise a baby would make if it needed anything, however due to the constant  noise she got angry and rather than aiding the baby to try and figure out what was wrong, she gathered her bags and left Henry to take care of it on his own.
Almar Hafidason thought that the film was "so consumed with surreal imagery that there are almost limitless possibilities to read personal theories into it." (Hafidason.2001)

That being said the sexual undertones throughout the movie is clear, however defining what exactly its trying to say is hard, although what can be gathered is " The baby represents sex at its most evil, biology at its most perverted, and responsibility at its most trying" (Gibron.2003)

"The film has a tone more of disgust and despair than frustration, revulsion at sex and disease" (Clark.2010)

Lynch used a interesting technique to immerse us in the story which was by having a kind of white noise going all the way through the movie, making us linked with the character, for example its similar to the test where if someone has their hand waving over yours and a table at the same time, the brain will incidentally create a link, so when that person hits the table you'll flinch (not just because of the sound) but because you reacted as if you could feel it.

In the movie the only times when we here silence is when he hears silence, the only time this happened was when he was in the elevator.

Overall the movie appears to be important to psychology, an insight to something you may or may not have felt, and should hope not to.
Illustration List:

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Maya tuts: Pre viz

Redone 3D concept

I made the tiles smaller as advised~

Maya: Official Concept: w/ Matt painting

Maya: Official Concept: Completed

Official Picture: with no Matt painting yet

Lighting w.i.p.s:

I'll do the Matt painting tomorrow/today...