Another change of style plans~

After realizing I didn't have much in ways of backing up why I chose the previous styles.
I've not so much gone for a style this time, rather a person and their style.

I've looked at a man's work called Alexey Leonov who is an ex cosmonaut, he drew a picture called "Near The Moon".

I'd like to use his sharp colours, when illustrating my moon.
Dispute the fact the picture was made in 1967, the person that drew it was one of the first moon walkers. His use of color is so vivid, compared to all the pictures we are shown of space/the moon are almost pure black and white..

I'm also looking at a cartoonist's work from 1901 called May Phil.
The relevance this person's work has on my style change is they were actually drawing in the time of the book The First Men In The Moon.
What I want to take from their work is the "detail" the extra lines added to the work that gave it a certain....feel.

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