Two render shots of my enviroment

                                 Mental Ray


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae - just watch your staging; there's a chance here that everything might start to blend together in terms of composition (also you're not working at 16:9 - and you should because it will help you compose your scenes more dynamically) - everything here is looking very similar - and the high gloss is also making things merge. It would also appear that you've got some texturing stretching happening on the right of the image. Just be mindful of the overall visual style (and its success) - remember, you've got quite a 'toony' idea, so maybe this level of squishy, butcher's window aesthetic may not be entirely appropriate.

  2. Ok I'll fix it..
    I think I may have gotten lazy because of the stretched texture..

  3. To be honest I'm not sure what a cartoony inside would look like if not this..

  4. I've left a previous comment on a newer post - but there's something 'realistic' about the texturing - it looks like meat, and everything is very pink and 'wet' - and, for me at least - it just isn't very appealing. It looks like an endoscopic view:

    I suggest going for a much 'drier' look and going for something that is more reminiscent of your coloured storyboards. It feels to me that you haven't really considered the style of your environment; you've been very focused on your characters. I'll get Simon to take a look for a second opinion.

  5. Hey Lyn-Dae, I have to agree with Phil the textures that you are using are divorced from the stylistic nature of your piece.
    Firstly you are going to want to knock back the specularity of the environment, the added reflections will only detract from the storytelling.
    You should probably also consider using hand drawn textures so you can control the appearance to a greater degree, try and steer away from highly detailed colour maps a more simplified approach to the patterns/ markings will help remove the butchers window look.
    Thirdly think about being more subtle with your bump maps at the moment the settings you are using are ok for something realistic. However in your work we are concentrating on the characters so the surroundings should not be over fussy and detracting from the narrative.
    Hope these pointers clarify what Phil is getting at.


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