Dark Crystal

Intrestingly enough there are roumers that "Dark Cystal 2" will be made in 2011...

Any who back to the review..

Dark Crystal, Directed by Jim Henson (1982). A Beautiful journey is taken as we follow a young Gelfling named Jen on his quest. " it succeeds as a sequence of strangely beautiful, almost mesmeric images made from a kind of composite mythology".  (marginal gloss.2009)

Dark Crystal like the never ending story is a 80's fantasy movie. Aspects of this movie and James Cameron's "Avatar" Can been seen as similar do to the fruitful, vast scenery we see and the creatures that resemble those underwater like plants.

Not only was the scenery and the detail on the characters atmosphere setting, but the music also had the power to lure you in with its desperate sad tune.

We are introduced to the Skeksis and The mystics, both display a certain group of people.

The Skeksis, looked hollowed, of a dead color with lines on their skin, they were dressed in the finest of clothes, had slaves, ate at a long table with metal crockery, and, gauging by what the emperor had, beds in silk. The skeksis represent the richer economies,they have laws are rich,corrupt, and vain; and when it comes to a fraudulent one of thier own "By law he must be punished" they punish their own by stripping them of cloth, demoralizing said person.

*Considering them as vain  is ironic that they are "Putrid Lizards"*

We seen the new ruler ridding a slave of "Fears,thoughts and essence". It restores his skin to something somewhat nice and smooth, but once he finds it was only a quick fix and not permanent he takes the failure out on his scientist. meaning they're rash too, seemingly having every bad quality a person could have.

Compared to the mystics however, they appear more like Gypsy's. Their home is dusty, walkways made from well-crafted logs, homes inside little crators within thier rocky temple. They seem more in-tune to each other, and are reserved, and paradoxically
 they are the strongest our of the two, we see this near the end of the movie when their long travel gets them to the gates of the castle, where the beetle-guards block their path and all they do is chant and they seem to , deactivate.

 The entire movie is timed by the length of time it takes the mystics, who while travelling befall injuries and deaths due to their other halves, the Skeksis trying to outwit Jen.

The movie contains such innocence along side sadness, even when nothing sad has happened the pretense has already been set within the first 5 minutes of the film.
The environments are something to be desired and held onto. The waterfall scene and where we are introduced to Ocra for the first time, have so much going on in terms of vines and moss and rock decor.
However where we meet Kiera, its a forest that looks endless, there is more than the eye can absorb. The forest while looking unique slightly resembles the rainforest's.
you can see this in the colours used in Kiera's forest, all the Tree's appear to be moving, breathing almost. putting the  emphasis on "The jungle's alive".

 The home of the Galeflings, though in "ruin" was a wondrous broken stone temple, which had a stone throne, with moss sprawled amongst it.
Hieroglyphics where also found on the wall, well preserved.  Showing they like the mystics were "well educated"...

Once both Skeksis and Mystics "Became one" they formed into giant entities, transparent white with a white luminous glow; the castle also changed(Crystal castle), its here we see that the castle reflected its owners appearance.

"The Dark Crystal" controlled the world's scenery, in which case it was dark dreary and dead, but once its 'creator(s)' joined once again, the "Crystal of truth" set the world back to being lifeful.
*This does also point out the fact the crystal was only a powerful vessel, and could be changed to do good or evil depending a situation..*


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