@ Phil: About crit presentation

I just wanted to ask about "The final Storyboard", does it need to be the one used in the animatic (as I have already made it, with arrow directions), or is it just the same with colour which, like rubens, had zoom etc on the top of the specific frame>

Also about the final script are we including this in our presentation?

Also about the character sheets, since I made a character Bible (which includes the Character sheets) would it be wrong of me to present the character bible, or should I just present the character sheets by them selfs?


  1. check the blog Lyn Dae, Phil already listed whats the going to be needed on crit day

  2. Thank you, Alex! Really Lyn-Dae - I do wish you'd keep one eye on the group blog! *Tutorphil's exasperated smile*

    You're presenting your 'Art of' at the crit - which includes your character bible and your presentation storyboard; the 'presentation storyboard' should be polished and detailed enough to be 'client-facing' - i.e. it's less a working drawing for the animator, it's a visual experience for the audience (who don't know your film as well as you do, so may need additional info - colour, illustrated camera moves etc - to make it read successfully).

  3. Thank you. I had read the blog but I was still unsure, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

  4. well, I can't blame you for being careful! ;)


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