I.O.R unit 5

The Treatment:
The Development: The old penny farthing

The Script:

Fenar Script


  1. Interim Online Review 21/03/2011

    Hey Lyn-Dae,

    Your story reads well on the page. My principle concern is about the emphasis of this unit, which is obviously on animation; you've got a lot of characters, but you need to ensure that it is your understanding of the prnciples of animation that you're concentrating on - as opposed to spreading yourself too thinly; all of your characters need to be animated effectively - and the focus should be on the performance of the objects themselves - especially the Penny-Farthing.

  2. I understand.

    I will try and make sure to provide enough attention to all the characters within the story while animating.

    At this point in time all three (and a half) characters are too important to the story to change or lose..

  3. Be sure to speak with Meg on Friday - she'll be looking at your stories from an animation perspective; you would do well to take on board any advice/reservations she may have about so many characters (all of whom you'll be responsible for animating!).


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