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I'm quite concerened with my work at the moment, mainly with the size it is. I created a 16: 9 frame to draw my work inside of, I was doing a animation test and the program (when selected to 16 :9) and the actual image never paired up, it was as if the square I've drawn is widescreen but smaller than 16 : 9.

I'm worried about producing the work on the crit day in this way since I still can't seem to find out whats wrong with it let alone how to change it.
(The lightly drawn black square in the middle shows the 16 : 9 scale I've currently been working to. There is a lot of white space and I just don't know how to close that gap without masking)

I really don't know what to do..


  1. hey Lyn-Dae,

    This sounds like a resolution issue to me; i.e. that the resolution of your original frames/scans/jpegs (the individual drawings) was low (but drawn at 16:9) and when you brought them into Premiere with your project settings at a higher resolution, the drawings appear smaller than the screen. What are your project settings? In truth, it will make no difference at all to the effectiveness of your animation if it's viewed like this; it even looks pretty stylish this way, so I don't think you need worry too much. What I suggest you do is put this post on the group blog and ask the group, as similar stuff may be being experienced and I may be mistaken, as I work with Final Cut Pro, not Premiere - but my money is on the problem residing with the resolution of your original images...

  2. Thank you Phil I will post this predicament on the group blog.

    Although knowing that it doesn't make you look down on the work because of the way it looks does make me feel better.

  3. If the worst comes to the worst I have one solution but that would be stretching it to fit the frame in the video editing software..


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