New complete enviroment and Uv's

UV Textures

                                          Matt Painting

                                          Render Shots

Bring on the animating!!


  1. about a thousand, million, billion times more effective, Lyn-Dae. Well done for running with the feedback and working as hard as you have to pull your world together. Now, be aware that your characters now have to match this stylised world too, so don't be suprised - indeed be prepared - to adjust their textures too if necessary. Remember Lyn-Dae - the big thing I'm looking for from you at this final stage of year one is evidence that you can art direct logically, consistently and confidently. Consider all your design choices very carefully before implementing them. Ask yourself this; is this born from my concept? If not, it's the wrong decision. Onwards, Lyn-Dae - onwards!

  2. Well done Lyn-Dae, these are looking really nice, as Phil sets consistent art direction is a big deal. Try not to be reflection happy.

  3. Thanks Simon, I'll keep the reflectivity to a minimum.


Important Criticism