Phil when you commented on my last render shot of my environment and you said " maybe this level of squishy, butcher's window aesthetic may not be entirely appropriate."

What did you mean by butcher's, I am not entirely sure how to make this look better,yet. 


  1. Hey Ly-Dae - oh, sorry if that was 'descriptive' rather than 'helpful'. I just felt that the overall look of your 'world' was like looking at a world made of meat. Now, clearly, we are inside the human body, so the red, organic look is to be expected, but you're doing a toon thing - with characters and a cute factor - and I just wonder if the textures of your world and colour palette etc. should be less 'realistic' and more obviously 'cartoon-like' - I think I mean 'simpler' and definitely, definitely less glossy. Any clearer?


Important Criticism