Coloured Celi and UV Layout


Antibody Texture


  1. The thinking behind these characters. The important parts of cell process to the limbs of the body.

    Hence the arm and the hand of the antibody and the courier - the hand being the two Y tips, the arm being the Y protein chain - and the fist, maybe, to express aggression (the virus literally "attacks".) This should be easily readable by people in this respect. At any rate, it was easy to see what was happening in your animatic.

    Keep doing your thing.

  2. Thanks Dayle, hearing this lets me know I'm on the right track and the my piece is easy to understand.

    All this makes working on this project more enjoyable.

  3. Thanks for your previous comments, i'm just a little worried because have a fair bit of modellin to do eek!

    You seem to be gettin stuck in and your modelling, textures, etc reflect what you showed in the pitch well so yer looking forward to see your aniumation taking form and revealing it's charm

    Well done :)

  4. Thanks Adam, I hope it turns out well too, I'm a little anxious to say the least xD

    I am fairly certain that all of us will have something great to show at the end of this project :3


Important Criticism