Sivus Model Maya finish

This is the finished Maya version before I put it into Zbrush for a little appearance tweaking. Main thanks to Ruben who created a full model of piece and showed me results (which I have been using and modifying to create the final product) I later went to Simon to ask how Ruben managed to do some the few things (and other random modeling things).

Ruben's finished ver of Sivus ver 1:

I talked to Alan about making eyes, and then Simon helped me implement it on my model, it was then that I was notified that my reference pictures were showing slightly different things in terms of eyes, my side picture was exactly the same as the front meaning it would have the eyes of a predator and prey which in Maya land looks weird in 3D so I had to follow the front picture as that was my desired shape. Once I had the time to begin modeling on my computer I went a little overboard in getting his eye to look like my reference picture which looked really pinched but I liked it.

Even though it looked nice as soon as I duplicated it it looked really odd, the eyes where to close together but I didn't realise that was the problem until I started messing with it due to annoyance.

 I then kept altering the eyes and realised I had to altar the head as well since it wasn't my kind of round, but now I'm back on target I have got it working and now I'm running straight into Z brush to hopefully have this rigged tonight!

 I managed to give him something like a lovely cheekbone.


  1. Good stuff, Lyn-Dae - but I want you to concentrate too on getting your animation down to 2 minutes. There was a lot of flab and meandering in your pre-viz, which is why it pushed 4 minutes. It needs to be much punchier, much leaner if it's going to be as effective as it should. Please make this a priority; be disciplined with yourself and stand up to your own creation; cut! cut! cut! Get a revised animatic on here asap.


Important Criticism