Maya help @Alan and or Simon

I've been using the trax editor to loop my animations which does work however I need to duplicate an object i.e. Blood Cell, when I do it doesn't have the animation I set or it in the trax editor.

Is there a way for me to add a new object to a character set?
(I assume by adding multiple objects to one character set will allow me to duplicate and share animations between them)


  1. Much simpler, when duplicating:

    Edit>duplicate special>reset settings> "tick" duplicate input connections> apply.

    This will copy all keys onto the duplicate object, if you need to offset any animation then do so in the graph editor.

  2. Awesome I got it to work thanks Simon! :D

  3. Ah one problem though, when I move its position (move tool) it rotates around the one it was duplicated from how can I stop it from doing that?


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