Re Modeling Sivus

After doing half of the tutorial video I decided to take what I learned and applied it to my project. So far so good, I just need to work on how I'll do the snout..
(I'm ignoring the tentacle because 1. I'm not sure how to model it yet and 2. Its not straight in the ref picture)


  1. on this fellow, one thing is worng and it starts from the blocking out. Try to model the edges in a direction, I did a quick paintover to show you. Hope you dont mind.

  2. Oh no I don't mind at all. I see the ones you highlighted.. So the edges I have at the moment are too straight?

    (I'm still going to altar it) but I did want to ask, by having the edges going in a direction does it improve the topology?

  3. yeh, it is crucial for animation, otherwise you will have collapsing and weird bending. because the edges will be forced even more.

  4. Ah ok I get it :),
    so a good model never has edges which aren't curved or going in a direction.

  5. I will check the files tonight, i will send them later.


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