Modelling with Digital tutors: Back to Basics 2

I think I have got the basics of modeling now, up to the tentacles, therefore I am going to retry making the head of Sivus without the extra limbs for now.


  1. okm you have got a couple of thing weird at the moment, the second part of the body, as a lot more geometry, than the first part. and overall it seems to have a lot of geometry for a low poly character.

    Try to work on even squares.

    also the hand at the moment is modelled in a position in which doesnt allow to build the fingers.

    if you phil useful send me an email with the scene file and I point out the problems in it. in the 3d world.

  2. Oh right to correct the fact that one has a lot geometry is because one was smoothed and the other wasn't (I know I shouldn't post a picture unless its perfect).

    The video I'm following is making us do the hand in this fashion and then is going to make it go palm down.

    I would still like to email you the file if that is ok

    (this project alongside my 'real' project should me grasp Maya a little better)

  3. sure, my email is I will send you some pictures explaining what to do. sure not much to do on work experience lol

  4. Ah thank you I'll send a copy now,
    and maybe the work experience is to easy :p


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