The fly

Well we watched the original fly on Monday (which I had already seen at some point), but the difference in watching it again is having all these questions that werent originally there when you watch it for "fun".

Things that I noticed and noted were as follow; The metamophosis wasn't planned, because of such he talks about destryoing the monstrocity he had become.

"There are things men should not experiment with".

which also dips into the 'playing as god theories'.

Due to metamorphosis social behaviour between loved ones is completly absecent. At one point when he was revealed to his wife, she was staring in awe at the sight before her.
She also lost all compation for what was (& still is) her husband, and as such treated him like an abomination.

  • when around him she stopped talking
  • Only responded to him as thing
The spider at the end is one of the most redone scenes in television/ movie history, i.e Simpsons had bart go through the entire fly incident.

At the end of the movie a sentence the brother said made me realise the sad Irony of his brother's downfall.

" He had such great intellect, and he made one mistake"

Other peoples reviews:

"Two scenes indefinetly impressed in the memory, the first , a woman removes a cloth from her husbands head to reveal not a human face but the face of a fly.
In the second a tiny fly trapped in a spiders web screams in a human voice "Help me, Help me" as the spider moves in for the kill."
                                    - Steve Bidrowski, 2007.

He later compared the two fly films and summed it up by saying

" There is such a thing as suggesting something. Its like a nude woman: very few woman should be seen nude".

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  1. I have seen both movies and I like your take on the story you obviously liked the film you should be a reviewer


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