Modelling with Digital tutors: Back to Basics

After realising (and talking with Dmitri) about my first failed attempts on making Sivus I know now that I have to model first in Maya. I then realised that I'm not really sure how to do it so I got a digital tutors modeling video and have been modeling along with it. By doing this I hope to be able to carry the new techniques learned over to my character.

When I do go back to modeling Sivus if I do run into any problems, I will be asking my peers aka.Ruben, as to what I should do. (as well as Alan).


  1. you dont have exclusively to start from maya, but if you re more confortable by using may you should def startby using maya.

    a hint for base meshes, try to keep the topology(edges and vertices)clean and the edge flow, has it will be helpful to in animation.

  2. Ah ok.

    Personally because I've never modeled anything organic in Maya I feel really quite lost.

    I am worried that when I actually get back to modeling Sivus the topology may get a little wack because of his tentacles, (I'm not worrying myself to much on the tentacles until I get there though).

    Would creating a tentacle like be creating an arm? If so I may be able to work with that..

  3. on Sivus try to make is tentacle straight, then you can twist as you like in maya after skinned and rigged.


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