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 The difference between the Celts and the Vikings:

The Celts:-
it depends on the historical period, but just to name a few, they spoke a celtic language ( Gaulish, Galatians, Welsh, Irish , breton) and were culturally successors of the La Tene and Hallstatt iron Age culture. before christianity , there worshiped various gods like Taranis, Cernunnos and Epona. Their religions were supervised by Druids. 

The Vikings
They are a North Germanic people who spoke Norse. They invaded and raided various areas of Europe and settled in Normandy, North Britain, iceland amongst other places from the 8th to the 9th centuries. Culturally they were Germanic and are the ancestors of the scandinavian nations. They worshiped Gods like Thor, Odin and Tyr.

*The Celts in Gaul, the Gallic tribes, lived in towns as well as villages. The Vikingshad only villages. The Gauls worked for a living at farming, etc. The Vikings traded or raided as they could. For all their accomplishments, they were pirates, marauders, thieves, and murderers.*

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