Secret Agent Vikings: Plot Lines

Secret Agent Vikings 

Plot 1:

Viking antique shop owner by day, secret agent Viking by night this is the story of Nikulas Gray.

Plot 2:

A secret agent of Viking heritage resides in the modern world, working undercover in a Viking antique shop. He receives missions from his patrons who only know that he has the ability to help others; be it retrieving items, protecting loved ones or snooping. This is the story of a Secret agent for hire.

Plot 3:

Nikulas Gray is an unlikely looking Viking secret agent who works undercover in an antique shop. When he receives a new mission his Valknut medallion flashes calling him to Valhalla headquarters, located within his antique shop (only open able by a finger print proof lock).

The Valhalla headquarters unlike most resembles that of the 11th century, aka the Viking Age.  His Boss Arngrim tends to switch up his entrances and either appears on a makeshift screen (silhouetted out) or as a hologram.  Once he gets his mission be it acquiring an artefact/ important data, protecting a witness/ being an overall bodyguard, or going undercover and infiltrating an enemy’s base Nikulas Puts on his ancient Celtic headband which instantly changes his body to that of a Viking and his clothes to that of a secret agent.

Behind the scenes is a woman known as Rafarta White. For centuries her family/ancestors have always tried to acquire the Celtic headband for its power, it, however belonged to the Gray family who as tradition went, always passed the band down to the next generation carrying on their legacy.
So regardless of the mission there is normally a ploy to somehow get his ancient headband away from him. Until Rafarta finds out his secret identity in which she tries to become his love interest to try and get close enough to the source of his power.

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