Scribd Error

I realise that most of my submissions from scribd of late appear to have bad spelling i.e. missing words. I have found that since they are trying a new approach to their site it seems to messing up my submissions (not that I’m excusing obvious spelling mistakes but any where there were missing letters were not my doing).

So as to combat this I’m just going to post directly to blogger for a little while.


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae - yes, I've since found out that some of the howlers on other people's Scribd docs are NOT the fault of the user - so apologies if I've picked you up on something that is not, in fact, a reflection on you! You might want to drop by Emma Foster's blog, as she had this issue, but I think she's sorted it now:

  2. Thanks I checked it out, I'll try re submitting my things now :)


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