Character Design: Sidekick Ideas

Andriana was helping me look for possible sidekick animals (as I wanted a kind of animal familiar for the hero who would definitely not overshadow him).

We looked at a type of lizard called the "Devil Lizard" which is very spiky, perfect for for a Viking I thought as its spikes could be shaped more like the Viking Helms.

When we tried to look for Scandinavian or Norwegian lizards we couldn't find any however google did suggest we look at Norwegian Forest Cats which also look interesting, not suitable for Viking but the both of them together may make something memorable...

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  1. Hi Lyn-Dae,
    some interesting ideas here. I think you have an extremely unusual pairing - viking and secret agents are not a natural mash up, so the trick is to make this work believably. Regarding sidekicks, my advice would be to think of a side kick appropriate to a spy, as well as a viking. I think once you have a firm grasp of the setting, these choices will be easier. Spies and Secret agents we associate with modern times, so I think you have a couple of choices. Taking the Flintstones as inspiration, you may want to set the stories in viking times, but have
    anachronistic trappings and gadgets way ahead of their time. This approach is much more jokey and cartoony. Alternatively, you create an alternate reality where the viking mythologies and culture is updated to a modern setting, with the need for spies etc. You need to blend these two contrasting genres seamlessly, without jarring. Anyway, I look forward to see how you solve these issues.


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