The Tennant


Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Roman Polanski
Screenplay: Roman Polanski and Gérard Brach
Main actors:  Roman Polanski, Isabelle Adjani and Melvyn Douglas 
Runtime: 126 min
The Tenant, one of Roman Polanski most frustrating and mind boggling. "A master piece of anguish" (Chambers.2004)
As in many of his films, by purpose or accident, the main buildings all tend to be larger than the characters themselves, having such wide yet seemingly unnecessary space almost makes one paranoid. Once our protagonist enters his new apartment, its almost like an unknowing insight to his mind. As people say your house is a reflection of your state of mind. He even foreshadows his own doing "These days, relationships with neighbors can be... quite complicated. You know, little things that get blown up out of all proportion? You know what I mean? " (Imdb.2005) 

Some of the rooms appeared  un tarnished, doors squeaked, walls were thin and he had a window leading directly towards the toilet window, lack of privacy. However as the story progresses the room doesn't get any worse, instead we see him reflect his room instead, going crazy over the previous tenant and her suicide, leading into a paranoia that seeped into his life, at one point he walks towards his apart so emotionally drained and out of it he wonkily walks back to his apartment in which we see the hallway resembles something of a surreal painting.

Several points before when he appears to be coming down from a type of fever, he reached for a bottle of water on  the chair next to him yet when  one realizes he can't pick up you see that its actually 2D, including the chair, like everything is painted on, rather uncanny, knowing something there yet physically not being able to get to it.

The most disturbing scene when he falls from his windows, miraculously is alive, but with the most horrifying broken leg, he carry's himself back up the stairs and does it again (He doesn't even kill himself that time either) "You want me to do it again? I shall do it again! You did not like it the first time. " (Imdb.2005)

Noted by Imdb, the end has no credits just a paramount logo heavily implying the endless loop, and that infact the viewer is also sucked into this endless loop as well, somehow it sucked one in and doomed them as it did Trovalski.
                                                         Fig.2 On tenant set

Fig3. Ending Scene on Tenant

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