Just thinking (quite important)

Noticed every one seems to be talking about adding dolls/ manniquins, can we do that, does that really not class a human?

If so I was thinking about my own dolls infarct, I wonder if I could model them in Maya and add them to the scene, however would that take up to much time...

Got 2 girls 3 guys: (not including the two I've made and a decapitated head)
 Levites (he's a rather large doll 75cm)
 Madaline & atrium

 Madison and Havisham


  1. Have you read and seen the podcast on the uncanny valley on MyUca if not this might give you more insight of the realism bewteen dolls/mannequinns and humans but also how signifcant the 2% fake quality they have

    mite quite nice to include them as long as you dont get to caught up in the designing and are there for a purpose hope this helps :)

  2. Thanks adam, I'll check it out.
    (I bet I will get to distracted making their replica xD)


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