a couple of sketches

sketches more along the lines of what I want to achieve.


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Lyn-Dae,

    You've looked at some diverse sources and covered a lot of ground - but, even though I've looked over your blog a number of times - and I'm looking at your latest thumbnails as I write this, I still feel unsure as to what it is you're taking forward conceptually. You've got lots of obstructed sight-lines - which is good - a visual 'frustration' - but is it still your intention to generate a period piece - i.e. set in a particular age - and if so, which? It maybe enough to make 'obstructed sight-lines' your overriding theme - you've got it with the pool of water and mirror too. In terms of your production design, you just need to indicate more explicitly what your intention is. The secret to effective modelling is picture research and knowing your world; often, students fall down on this project because they model what they 'think' a chair, vase or table looks like, and don't make reference to real world images. In your case, it's of vital importance that you locate your environment in a specific time/style etc., so you can model in confidence. You also need to think about what time of day the scene is set within - where's the light coming from and what colour temperature is it?

    Compositionally, I find these thumbnails very exhausting - but that's a good thing! It means they're working on me - they're frustrating my need to look past the visual barriers.

  2. Regarding your written assignment, I want to see a big improvement from you; please see the link for some guidance - and please revisit the other 'advice links' and work on your style etc:


    Also - I'd like you to drop me an email and reassure me. It hasn't escaped my attention that you're often very tired (you were asleep in Eraserhead, I noticed) - in addition, you often seem a bit 'spaced out' (for want of a better word) and behind the beat. It's something I noticed right away, but it appears to be getting worse. In the past, when students have seemed as distant and perpetually tired during their day job, there's often an Xbox/Playstation or MMORPG involved... I'm not suggesting this is true of you, but I would like some reassurance that all is well with you and you're managing the course and your time effectively. My email is pgomm@ucreative.ac.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.


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