I.O.R Unit 3

In order to complete this unit my steps to make sure it gets completed includes forming ideas, via:

-Sketches: 1 2 3
-Quick Photoshop sketches: 1 2
- Influence Maps: 1 
- I.M Concept idea based; 1 2 

I also ended up with 'Extra Inspiration' which is helping me to narrow down what kind of, Uncanny, I want to get across. I did choose a Horror based genre, (also took a gander at abandoned houses) whilst still keeping my original idea which was to have a mirror or pool of water to reflect more of what cannot be seen, but only a little to induce frustration. 

I also looked into the possibility of adding dolls into my environment, Ball Joint Dolls to be exact.

In order to help me form an idea for what kind of environment I wanted to create I read wonderfully descriptive books like: Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca, and The Tesseract written by Alex Garland.

Because the unit does not include human's the anatomy lessons are not so, acknowledged at this moment in time, it is however is still useful overall. 1 

My essay idea will be based on 'The Uncanny valley', or rather photorealism in games.

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