Style Influence map

It may have a lot of fashion involved but i'm look between a certain time line (1907-1930). I'm looking at the lineart style and the colouring style, I like the pale colours.

Style of my chosen subject: abandoned house/lodge


  1. You have a very strong idea, the pale colours will work well with the dark back drop of the house/castle

    BUT how do you intend to add these fashion styles into your scene through use of mannequinns or draped over an object, you may already have resolved this but it might be the next stage for your research

    Hope this helps :)

  2. Thanks Adam.
    To be honest I wasn't planning on using the humans at all per-say. I do plan on having clothe like objs on the scene, but it was definitely more or the colour aspect. (which will work well on the sketched concept art)

    I hadn't thought about using the colours on my Maya piece but now you've got me thinking... Thats sounds like a cool idea ^_^


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