Filling in the Blanks

Phil brought up a point I hadn't considered, which was "What era is this in".
Since I hadn't thought about it before I decided to look for hotel(s) /(rooms) in the 1900's, I narrowed it down by finding out when one of the first detective books where written which happened to be 1920.

I chose the "Detective Era" because the games (I.e. Hotel Dusk, Last Window of Cape West
)  I have seen which go in that area have the most lovely dated furniture and wallpaper, it has such atmosphere hence why its  a background influence.

I found pictures of rooms from 1920, and some pictures of outside random hotels, I do not however think I'll be doing an outside piece. Some of these pictures I like because of their almost flat and dull color and would like to incorporate it in my concept art if possible.


  1. ... hmmm - there's a very modern-looking telephone in one of your images...

  2. I hadn't actually noticed, (i think your talking about the black and white one, with detailed lines) it was one that I found intresting before I had chosen the 1920's as my era.
    That one was when I was looking for hotel rooms~


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