Question for Phil

Phil, on the contacting you note I will it do it as soon as I get my uca email fixed, which should be done by tomorrow.

secondly, I have an overall question about the concept and 3D images, would I be allowed to do the concept picture outside of the building and the 3D version of the inside, or do they both need to match each other?



  1. The point about your concept art is that it instructs you when you're modelling, texturing, and lighting - your 2d work guides your 3d work - so there's no point in creating concept art for a scene you're not going to model. Lyn-Dae - we're interested in you developing a pipeline - the way you go from thumbnail to concept art to maya. I want to see a direct relationship between the qualities you express in your concept art, and the final scene - but remember too, that part of your set is to include a matte painting...

  2. The preproduction is key, and as you begin to do more and more of it combined with production, you'll begin to realise the pitfalls of not partaking in the necessary preproduction.

    By doing preproduction right, and exploring all concepts of your piece, you're physically cutting down production time and the confusion of parts that you didn't figure out on paper. It saves time, and makes the production phase faster and less frustrating, win-win.


Important Criticism