The Elephant Man

We watched the Elephant man, directed by David Lynch in created in 1984.
The Elephant man was not about a 'man going through metamorphisim' per say but his condition (which is now known) as Neurofibromatosis. There happens to be two types of this condition type 1 is
 "formerly known as von Recklinghausen disease after the researcher who first documented the disorder, is a human genetic disorder. It is possibly the most common inherited disorder caused by a single gene"
                                                                                                                         - Google, unknown.
 Type 2 "Neurofibromatosis Type II (or "MISME Syndrome", for "Multiple Inherited Schwannomas, Meningiomas, and Ependymomas") is an inherited disease".
                                                                                                                         -Google, unknown

The story was more of an autobiography than a fictional story, becuase it was based on an actually man called Jospeh Merrick who lived in London.

The man who played as Jospeh Merrick aka ,The elephant Man, was an actor called John Hurt the prospetics used for his appearnce have been called "amazing" and truthfully they show and make the audience feel the way the story would like you to, for example it would either make you feel like one of the many characters in the story who are frightened and scream at the sight of him, and those like Anthony Hotkin's character who felt pity.
In the bggining of the film we see his mother staring wide eyed at a hoard of Elephants. This was an important scene for the audience to see because it helps us understand, or rather its the visual to the thory this movie brings.
The idea this movie brought to light was the idea that, 'Due to his mother being scraed/trampled by a runaway elephant' led to his current appearnce, This led to other thoeries revolving around the possiblity that whilst pregnant anything that scares the mother will become the fetus's shape.

After we are introduced to the Elephant man's owner who actually says to Mr.Treves "I'm the owner".We follow a man called Frederik treves who requested a private viewing of the elephantman. He constintantly sought out his owner who when he finally agreed to showcase Merrick he introduced hiim as "The terible Elephant Man".(Throughout the movie wethe carni man treat Merrick like an animal, a victim,  and beats him. in which he later told mr.treves that "He just fell, he falls alot". which sounds like a lot of abusive spouse's claiming "just walked into a door knob". Just because the victim, light a frightened animal. wouldn't say or beasble to infront of them.)

In order to study him Mr. Treves bought him from his 'Circus owner', like a dog.
When merrick got to the hotel with a bag on his head so as not to frighten on lookers, he just stood in the atrium. The receptionist had called Mr.Treves about his guest. When Mr.Treves beckongs to him to come other Merrick dosent budge. The receptionist eventually joins in, barking repeatedly "Come on, come over here".  As if he was like dog.

We learn after Merrick gos back to "His owner" that if he lies down he'll he'll die". a bit of foreshadowing.

When he gets to, what will be known as his knew abode,  Merrick sits on his bed taking in the view of his room.
While he sits he looks like a abused child. He manages to get some rest and is rudely awkened by the sound of the church bell near by. simular to the "Hunch Back of Notredarm".

While Merrick stays there he creates an amazing replica of the church building, which had more meaning due to the fact that he couldn't actually see more than the bell but his imagination allowed him to create such a master piece.
It did appear to me that he stayed alive just so he could finish his church model replica.

The bully that comes to torture John, puts him back in the life that he had been taken away from, the crowds of ignorant people.
What I found most amusing and important in the movie was that John Merrick was a very well spoken, polite and humble gentleman, compared to those of the people who did not have a pyshical ailment.
It goes to show that people who have a good appearnce take for granted the value of courtesy or rather good manner.

And the people that are "fearsome" on the outside are polite inside...

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