The company of wolves

We watched Niel Jordan's "The Company of Wolves" which  keeps with the little red rissing hood idea, however it takes it a step further to try and show what the 'watered down' fairy tale story missed out,  for example "Dark hairy evil men". According to James rose, the foundation of the movie was made from "threee short stories from Angela carter's The Bloody Chamber."
                                                                                      - (Rose, 2009)

The reason why Carter's imput was so important for this film is that her beliefs about the orginal red riding hood. Carter Believed red riding hood was a "structured agenda to warn young girls of dangers of sexual maturity".
                                                                                       - (Rose, 2009)

This movie was another in the line of Body Horror, however I did notice that when we actually got to see a full transformation near the end of the film, when the traveler begins to transform, there were many shots of his "sweaty back"in motion and in close up which made me think it was a very sexual transformation.


However back to the begging of the piece, it starts off in a forest, which is where most fairy tales end up going. There was an odd sequence along with two reaurring animals which only appeard when something bad, was about to happen, in terms of sexual advancment..

The two creatures where a frog and a snake. you see statues of them in the girl's grandmother house, and when the girl is pursued by her stalker and the travler you see the snake, as if there is some simularities with this story and adam and eve. for example the snake is always the represntation of temptaion, and only appears when something alog the lines is about to happen.

There was a book hidden in the girls room called ms tiggy winkle, I believe. about a hedgehog who dresses up as a oldlady, and happens to be a seamstress. I infact have that very book, however I don't see why it was neccsasry in the movie. amongst her toys, who, we find out later are like the physical representation of her 'life essence'.

While she is dreaming we do see her lying next to a book called The shattered Dream which is like a big dose of foreshadowing right there, not only because it appears the entire movie is in her dream, but she is rudley awakened by the window in her room being 'shattered' by blood thirstly wolves who we can only assume killed her as we only saw her scream for her life, in which all her toys fell to the ground.

Throughout the entire the girls is pursued by some guy, who "tricks her" into kissing him, via peer presure " What, are you afraid".

The grandmother says at one point " Once you stray from the path you are lost forever." And she is proven right, as after the 'Amorus boy' tried to kiss the girl in attempting to flee from him she ended up "straying" from the path. A snake was shown, after that she met the huntsman, and it continued to go down hill from there.

When she did meet the huntsman it was clear that he was one that her grandmother had warned her about, "never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle". However she decjded to ignore her instinct and warning and continued with this stranger. Who was very clearly getting way to handsy to begin with, but she excused abit to much as the naive thing she appeard to be.

Throughout the story higly bizzare things happen, which cannot possible happen in the real world, which we werre suppose to pick up on but like the naive girl we are lead by the story and do not question openly the bizzare events that take place:
  i.e. Baby statues in eggs
       A mass of large spiders dropping on her only in church.
      (Only the forest and grandma's house in snow...)

After relooking at a quote from the movie "A wolf may be more than he seems, the worst kind of wolves are hairy on the inside and when they bite you they drag you with them to Hell." I see how that relates to the ending now. He askes the girl for a kiss in which she stupidly agrees to even after he tried to hurt her, that kiss was 'the bite' so that when we find at the end it was a dream a pack of wolves still come to get her to 'drag her to hell'.

I actually read something intresting from a commenter from youtube about the last scene in the movie where the girl enters the grandmothers house seeing full well what has happened there.

"t can also be interpreted as 'coming of age' in terms of sexuality. Rosaleen isn't raped, she submits. She walks into the house even though she sees blood on the snow - a symbol of loss of innocence"
"Little Girls this seems to say, never stop along the way, never trust a stranger friend, no one knows where it will end, as your pretty so be wise, danger lurks in every guise, now as then tis simple truth, sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth."



James Rose, (2009). The Dreaming and the Dreamt, a Lexicon of Neil Jordan's the company of wolves.

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