Anatomy classes

Some are blurry and I shall rectify that asap.

 The last two pictures are when we were experimenting with techniques.
pic 1, we all moved around and drew on other peoples pictures to leave "our mark" as the tutor put it.

pic2. we had to stare at an obj while our hand and easel where behind us, so we drew by what we thought we were seeing, without glancing at our work. I really enjoyed this task. especially when i looked back at it i realised that i was able to draw what i saw perfectly it only changed positions when i took my hand of the page


  1. some nice work here - I particularly like the head studies at the top - they have a 1950's fashion illustration feel.

  2. Thank you.
    Even though I am increasing my skill on the human body, I'd prefer to improve more on the human face, so I can show the beauty.


Important Criticism