Courvoisier...The Detective's drink

Ever since I got my Yakzua 3 game in april 2010, there was this one bar in an alley (in the game) that had the most gorgeous detective style music (which is my favorite kind of jazz), I had got Kazuma to try several drinks and there was one that I liked the look of from the get go, the courvoisier. Ever since that day all those months ago, seeing that we had a task to create an 'Alcoholic beverage' I thought I finally have a chance to make that wonderful looking drink.

I am very proud of this bottle. Had many ups and downs when making it, i.e. Maya crashing, having to remake entire cup since it started to look a little funky.
But all in all I have made the perfect detectives drink~


  1. oMG! you put a lot of effort there! looks great! :)

  2. Love the bottle I see that the end result wasn't obvious to me at first

  3. Thanks Andriana, it was a little bugger from the start, It definitely made itself harder than it needed to be xD

    And thanks Dad, I'm a little upset that it didn't look quite as rounded as it started in begging, but I love the way it turned out in the end. It looks incredibly edible...

  4. WOW i was actually gonna do this, it looks good. Lucky i changed my drink ;)

  5. Hah really? There wouldn't be anything wrong with two Courvoisiers though. x3

    thanks btw ^^

  6. I approve of of blog background madam. Hopefully this weekend I can play a bit more of Enslaved...

    Also, suave, funky bottle might I add! So you should be proud. :-)

  7. approve of your*... caffeine levels might need a recharge! ':-)

  8. Hah thanks dayle.
    Also, your lucky you've been able to play enslaved, I haven't even been able to unwrap it yet and I got it last week xD

    Caffeine you say, I'm apparently running on the coldness of my room, apprently works just as good x3


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