SV Agents Official Summary @ Justin

Guild Maritimus, who reside in Valhalla head quarters, are the protectors of the civilians of Garor-Vik but their main objective is to find ancient runes which have special powers. The wizard Randver takes the used runes and transforms them into new gadgets.

Unfortunately there are another guild group looking for the runes.  They go by name guild Svarte, who reside in Niflheim Head quarters.  They need the runes to break the shackles of their god Fenir, which would herald the decent of the world into utter chaos.

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  1. To me, this feels right for a secret agent and viking mash up, so thats a great start. The gadgets created are going to be an important part of this, so next weeks lecture will be of special interest to you. Now, obviously, you need determine exactly who are your three archetypes.


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