Inspirations and new directions

After to speaking to my classmates Andriana and Kayleigh they've advised I look at "How to train your Dragon" for ideas on props which could later be turned into special gadgets.

The Flinstones were also suggested because the creative way they had modern things i.e. showers/ ovens but they were all done by creatures which looked similar to the machines they were imitating.

Advice was given on how to make Nikulas less... flamboyant.
In which case I should look up typical Vikings create a silhouette from them and place them ontop of Nikulas and see what designs I can make from the silhouettes.

I'll also be able to substitute actual Viking helms (not for all characters however) by implying they are there via spiky shapes on furry coats.

I've also been advised by Kayleigh and Justin to use sharper lines rather than the delicate thin lines I have currently used.

I am very excited to see what I can create from all this~

Object 1:

- Make list of Viking materials: i.e, Stone, metal, cloth

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