Nikulas Gray Design

I also did the first draft idea of the sidekick. (Who is constantly wrapped around Nikulas
neck until he is needed.

*Note after speaking to Bob and his companion, they gave me good ideas for what
I could do for Nikulas's outfit. I.e. Could have a belt securing the top at the back or
one belt that straps along the front.

Originally the belt band at the front was suppose to be what kept the the upper shirt from flying away~


  1. Much better, I really like your style; I can see that once you start nailing down the more technical aspects a lot more, you're going to have a really distinct style.

    The circled black area where he is flexing gives the impression that the flex is happening behind his bicep. It's all very odd,the reason for this is because your intersecting line between bicep and forearm isn't right. You need to make sure your intersecting lines are giving the right impression of an object being in front of another.

    The red circles show where your intersecting lines are offering depth, it's working in those places. Although I might suggest thickening up the thigh on the left leg there. Still, big progress. Good jarrrb.

  2. As for a way to fix that flex, I think the intersecting line should come in from the forearm, not the bicep arm.

  3. Ah ok, I'll fix that arm & Thigh, (I knew something was incorrect yet I wasn't completely sure what it was).

    I looked up a few flexed forearm pictures which helped me understand what you meant about the intersecting line.

    Thanks for the support Jon you've been helping me out alot :D


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