*SV Agents: new plot device*

Rune Stones: are used as a system of divination, decision making and communication.  They are the magical alphabet of the North of central and Northern Europe." 


Runes and their meanings

New plot:
              -Good guys:

-They'll use Rune stones to find  scattered runes, which have unique individual powers.

              -Bad guys:

-Bad guys can not read so they have a valknut whose three interlocked triangles point in the direction of the next rune. Once all triangles on the valknut are facing in the same direction they are heading in the right track.

         -Search for Runes (stones)

         -Different Runes give different powers

         -Once the power is used the stone becomes useless

         - All useless runes are given to the wizard who creates gadgets from them

Revised name for their civilisation:

         - Seter Sund (Set-sund) 
         - Fjell Eski (Fell Eski)
         -*garðr vik*

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