Nikulas development

After going home and talking with family about my direction with designs for my characters
they showed me that I needed to continue to go back and look at references of Secret Agents and Vikings see what makes them them and put it together.

I fished out my Tekken 6 Concept Art Book and noticed they always had a string of one model for a character with an assortment of clothes, and looking at my sisters Devil may cry Art book, I found they also did the same thing, using one version of clothes then on the other models are just variations.

I've decided to take that approach and I know it is  improving the creativity of my overal designs and seeing the process also helps.

When I finished a string of clothes for one character a Sheet of all their outfits will be present.

My first designs before reassessment

This one was closer to a good design

After Reassessment 


  1. These designs are coming on nicely, but you so need to keep to the task at hand. It seems that you are currently working on two heroes. I think you need to concentrate on just one of these characters - I am guessing Nikulas , since he has the sidekick. And then your start work on your sidekick and villain as soon as possible. Trust me, for this task, its much better to work on all three characters at the same time, than think you have to finish each one before starting the next. The characters need to evolve over time, and compliment each other, so If you have them all the same stage, that is easier to achieve.

  2. Right ok, I did think one had to be made completely before any other could be done.
    Now that you say it I can see the usefulness of having them all at the same stage.. there won't be such a leap when designing them..



Important Criticism